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  1. Thunder-drones
    PLEASE dont comment on my profile if you need a part. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks!
  2. Tienie
    Feeling empty without my Mavic in the DJI hospital for some damage repair work
  3. ecclissiass
  4. MikePiercePhotos
    I wasn't gonna fly it yet, but this weather.......
  5. Marlin Hunter
    Marlin Hunter Thunder-drones
    Sounds good. I want it. What do you need from me?
  6. Marlin Hunter
    Marlin Hunter Thunder-drones
    I need a part for my Mavic. Its the flat piece that comes out over the rear left arm works as a stop would you have one?
  8. Monkey392
    Hey guys, does anyone have any input on the protective tempered glass film for the mavic camera lenses? Does it affect video quality?
  9. k idea
  10. Piagui
    My inner child is out!!!!
  11. Rocky2010
    Rocky2010 SalvageDrones
    Hi, Would like to know how I can purchase the right side antenna leg for my Mavic Pro. I live in Australia your help would be appreciated Please Help
  12. Blades
    Anyone going to fly this weekend around Pinellas?
  13. DroneGuy
    I flew my mavic today and the MPH would only show going in the up and down directions. MPH read 0 when traveling horizontally. What happened
  14. DW-Mavic
    DW-Mavic clackey
    Hello. My birthday is wrong and I was told to contact an admin to fix it. Should be August 27th, 1971. Please advise. Hopefully I'm in the right spot to mention this. Thanks!
    1. clackey
      Fixed! Thanks, C.
      Apr 28, 2017 at 8:08 PM
  15. Mister Lee
    Mister Lee Mfpullen
    Hoi, ik ben een Facebook pagina gestart "Mavic piloten Nederland". Hierin kunnen Mavic bezitters uit NL tips, mooie locaties en beeldmateriaal uitwisselen. Misschien vind je het ook leuk om erbij te komen.
  16. Chaddles622
    Chaddles622 Thunder-drones
    Hey I contacted DJI about one of the gimble rubber bands broken on my DJI Mavic and they refused to sell or help, do you sell the Mavic Corner Gimble Rubber Bands?
    1. Chaddles622
      I live in Kansas City
      Apr 28, 2017 at 9:49 AM
  17. davidchu92
    davidchu92 SalvageDrones
    hi, I would like an antenna leg (Left side) for my DJI Mavic Pro. Please help
  18. Fedya
  19. Marine0302G2/8
    Major crash. Fly 8,ooo ft away and get 1st low battery warning. Switched to sport mode and started to fly blue line most direct route
  20. Marine0302G2/8
    If you choose replace instead of repair, what is the cost?