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  1. Artisam
    New Mavic Pro Drone Pilot and Loving it :) Hi from Devon in the UK
  2. Zap
    Motorbikes and Drones.
  3. CCRyder
    Excited to fly my Mavic.
  4. famy mavic
  5. dbangler
    dbangler Thunder-drones
  6. Hex
  7. Jerthewizard
    Jerthewizard stuffonastick
    Just wanted to let you know that I have posted the decals in the general forum if you still wanted to order :-)
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    2. stuffonastick
      Thank you!
      Feb 22, 2017 at 8:52 AM
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  8. Manushaved
  9. festr
    festr Pl8er
    Hi, I had the same problem like you - stucked on 55% or in 73% in GO4 app - just simply restart only the mavic once you stuck on 55% (I did it waiting 1 minute) without touching controller or the app - the upgrade process simply continues after the restart (with a little bit longer upgrade on 86%)
  10. YngveN
  11. YngveN
  12. dcal
    Checking in, hello!
  13. slipstream
    Newbie in Colorado
  14. ZUCSTA
  15. Courtervideo
    Tried flying in city but unable to calibrate compass. Test flew in Tripod mode but Mavic flew far off. What to do next time?
    Gimbal not working. Sent Mavic in for service
  17. Vasek
    Vasek Willik
    Diky tel/ whatsapp 777737787 skype vasek_ruzicka ten motosalon je kdy??
  18. Willik
    Willik Vasek
    Jo jinak - Skype: isomoan_cz, tel.(whatsapp): 602 41 28 28 ať to nezdržujem :-)
    dej vědět jak s tim Motosalonem / Pivkem v Praglu Pujdu ještě s jednim kámošem z Liberce (motorkář) a Ondra snad půjde taky...
  19. NFN8
    Mavic Pro Combo
  20. Phate118
    Just picked up my new Mavic Pro, nicknamed Jarvis, from its birthplace in Shenzhen, China! Here to learn how to make the most of it!