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  1. Emu
    Emu wombat
    Ron, could you message me your address again please. 0428887090
    Ta Neil
  2. Johnny21
    Look ma, I'm flying!
  3. bobeirasa
  4. Sndflea
    Sndflea Thunder-drones
    I'm looking for the rubberbands that hold the gimbal to the plate. Are they available?
  5. ImagePix
    If I have two remotes and two ipads will the slave ipad see what I am viewing?
  6. apollopug
    apollopug ocatcr
    Wanted to order but do you have a next day delivery option
  7. wrassman
    learning mavic pilot
  8. kb2sbl
    any body know why a mavic when you go to lift off it shuts down
  9. BigMotor
  10. PoolerGA
    Mavic made it to Colorado for some great snow covered mountain footage. Lovin' it!
  11. Bulkley Zipper
    Bulkley Zipper Eric Matyas
    Where can I listen to your music?
  12. luminence
    luminence Thunder-drones
    Hi, I was wondering if you have a silver camera cable for sale ? Not the ribbon cable but the data cable that connects to the Camera.
    1. Thunder-drones
      No I havent got any right now, and nobody seems to be making them, sorry.
      Mar 26, 2017 at 7:08 PM
  13. Macmad
    Hi my names Darren, I am looking at becoming a safe and responsible Mav pilot.
  14. Schenk75
    Missing offline waypoint programming, like for Parrot Bebop.
  15. Schenk75
    Testing intelligent flight modes.
  16. Schenk75
    Beginner, Just got my Mavic some days ago.
  17. Melvi
  18. Haythem
    Haythem SalvageDrones
    Hi, I am looking for a replacement for the two front landing leg for my Mavic Pro. it seems i am not the only one. Please let me know if you have it available.
  19. bernabj
    I use a traxxas aton to practice flying, and my mavic mostly for pictures and video.
  20. bernabj
    Sent Mavic in for repair, gimbal issues and compass 1 disconnected.