DJI Mavic Pro low profile propeller case.

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    Mavic Pro Low Profile Prop Case.
    Protect your spare propellers from nicks & disfigurement. This case was designed with size & portability in mind. 20161118_183154.jpg 20161118_183550.jpg Now you can carry your spare propellers around without worry of damage. This can throw off the balance of your propellers resulting in decreased performance & vibration. 20161118_183417.jpg The low profile box has 2 optional stack posts to help keep everything secure. Simply slide 1 propeller on one post and one on the other post and repeat. 20161118_183506.jpg The top was designed with side wings for easy opening. Carries 4 propellers. *propellers not included 20161118_183526.jpg

    Case Dimensions are 30mm(1.19) x 45mm(1.78) x 130mm (5.11)

    I have been 3D Printing for over 7 years and working in Design & Quality for over 20 years So you can be sure you will get a Quality Part Above The Rest.

    You can find this and other items for the Mavic pro with the link below:

    Dynamic 3D Solutions


    Thanks for looking
    Have fun & Fly safe!


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