is there an active track setting will work?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by jefflichty, Nov 20, 2016.

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    Don't have my mavic until tomorrow (fingers crossed) but next weekend i'm helping a friend with a school project.
    He's doing a film for class and asked for some drone shots to have it stand out.
    One of the scenes is of a runner so we'll to the profile and follow shots, but is there a way to have it lead the runner?
    i'm guessing spotlight is the best option, but does it change the controls like going into a headless mode or do the controls stay the same.

    just trying to figure out the complexity of controls for what should be an easy shot

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    It is my understanding that the Mavic will not lead in activetrack, as OA would be ineffective. The best you could do is to use Spotlight and tell it to orbit, where you would get a short clip from the bird in front of the runner. I could be wrong so someone who actually has their mavic will chime in.
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