Vision Pilot 3 (iOS Waypoints Mission App) Available Now

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    Available at iOS APP Store

    Vision Pilot 3 will enable you to safely and reliably shoot high quality aerial video.

    Supported Platforms:
    • Compatible platform: DJI Mavic, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 (Pro/Adv), Inspire 1 (X3/X5/X5R), Matrice 100
    • Compatible iOS devices: iPad Air/Air 2/Pro, iPad mini 2/3/4, iPhone 5s/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE
    • Required DJI firmware: 1.4.10 or above

    • Active Track: the aircraft can track a moving object you select on the video preview, you can also Orbit around the tracked object / have the aircraft automatically follow the subject.
    • Supports Waypoint / Panorama missions / Focus Mission
    • Panorama mission: easily shoot 360° horizontal and spherical panoramas
    • Waypoint mission: pre-plan waypoint missions without being connected to the aircraft
    • Focus mission: keep focus on a subject while flying aircraft with various orientation
    • Exported log file can be uploaded to HealthyDrones for flight data analysis
    • Pre-plan waypoint missions with web browser at
    • Mission sync to all your iOS devices
    • Supports Goggles Mode (iPhone only)
    • Navigation Map and FPV Display
    • Real time battery level indicator
    • Warning monitor system
    • Screen Recorder

    -- Waypoint mission
    • Setup classic Waypoint missions (eg. Cable Cams, Selfies and etc...)
    • Pre-plan Waypoint missions without being connected to the aircraft
    • Supports multiple Points of Interest
    • Adjustable Bezier curves path for smoother videos
    • Automatic gimbal control
    • Play/stop/pause/fast forward/backward the mission on the fly including gimbal movements
    • Load and save missions

    -- Goggles Mode (iPhone only)
    Enter the cockpit and see with the eyes of your drone - Vision Pilot 3 turns your VR headset into high quality FPV goggles.

    • First Person View (FPV) optimized for VR headsets.
    • On-Screen-Display (OSD) shows live telemetry data such as battery level, height or camera orientation.
    • FPV mode allows to switch the video preview between drone camera and iPhone camera.
    • Toggle Full Map and FPV mode.
    • Battery and IMU monitor system.
    • Remote settings control without touching the screen.
    • Screen adjustment for different goggles, iPhone
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    This looks promising, it would be cool if you could hit play on the mission and just run it as a simulation to make sure your heading is correct.
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