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Mavic Air 2 Accessories - 12 Essentials for 2020

Mavic Air 2 Accessories - 12 Essentials for 2020

Mavic Air 2 Released in May 2020, the DJI Mavic Air 2 has quickly become one of the most popular compact drones on the market. Now that you've picked on up, make sure you have the best accessories to make the most of it!

We’ve checked out a lot of gear and narrowed it down to the must-haves for every pilot, plus a bonus for the pilot wanting to take things up a notch.

#1 - Batteries Mavic Air 2 Battery
Having extra batteries for your Mavic Air is a must. Though each battery has 34 minutes of flight time, 25-30 minutes is a more realistic estimate. For a full hour of flight time, plan on having 2 or 3 Mavic Air 2 batteries fully charged for each flying session.

#2 - Car Charger Mavic 2 Charger
A car charger for your Mavic Air 2 is a great option for on the go charging; always have batteries charging in your car while you’re in the field to eliminate any downtime. This Mavic Air 2 Car Charger features protection from overheating and low-voltage protection technology to ensure a safe and reliable charge while you drive.

#3 - Charging Hub Mavic Air 2 Charging Hub
The highly efficient charging hub for your DJI Mavic Air 2 allows you to charge three batteries in sequence according to their remaining power level. You can connect it to the standard charger or car charger.

#4 - Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack Mavic Air 2 Backpack
The popular Lykus M1 backpack utilizes a hard exterior and dividers to protect the Mavic Air 2 and accessories yet it fits the entire Fly More Combo kit including extra batteries, propellers, iPad, and other accessories.

Choose from the backpack, case, shoulder bag or crossbody bag to suit your personal preferences. It also includes an anti-water cover in case it rains!

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#5 - Basic Hard Side Bag
Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 6.37.12 PM.png

You can’t go wrong with this basic hard-side bag to protect your DJI Mavic Air 2. The high quality, ABS material, dustproof, moisture-proof exterior with interior foam custom-cut to fit the Mavic Air 2 along with all the necessities….batteries, charger, extra props and more. It is easy to carry and suitable for all outdoor activities.

#6 - Landing pad Mavic Air 2 Landing Pad
Protect your drone from grass and dirt as well as help it land safely where it took off with this landing pad compatible for your Mavic 2 from Homga Drones. The double-sided pad folds quickly and easily to store in the included case, and also includes nails to help anchor the pad to the ground in breezy conditions.

#7 - Extra Props Mavic Air 2 Propellers
Extra props are just about as important as extra batteries. Since even the smallest nick or scratch can affect the balance of your Mavic Air 2, it’s vital to have several pairs of extra props with you. These propellers are actually quieter and provide a longer flight for DJI Mavic Air 2. Each blade has undergone a precise dynamic balance test, resulting in less flight noise, higher aerodynamic efficiency, lower power consumption, and improved endurance.

#8 - Prop Guards Mavic Air 2 Prop Guards
The props on the Mavic Air 2 are the most likely part to get damaged in flight. Protect them with these light-weight guards that simply snap on and off for easy use. This will protect the props when you snag a tree leaf by accident.

#9 - SD Card
SD Card.jpg

With just 8GB of storage on the Mavic Air 2, you're going to need additional storage. These 128 GB microSD cards fit the bill. Be sure to buy several and keep them labeled so you can easily find your flight footage.

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#10 - Lens Filters Mavic Air 2 ND Filters
Mitigate harsh lighting from direct sunlight or glare on the water without affecting color with a set of ND Filters for your Mavic Air 2. Having a few options at the ready will give you greater flexibility and control of your shots, resulting in beautiful footage. Start with the basics in this set, which were made specifically for the Mavic Air. Simply remove the stock filter, add the Mavic Air ND filter of your choice, then go!

#11 - Tablet Holder Mavic Air 2 Tablet Holder
Easily attach your tablet and controller to this light-weight mount for the Mavic Air will give you better flight control. The tablet holder from PGYTECH is designed to be compatible with a variety of tablets.

#12 - Propellers Holder Mavic Air 2 Propellers Holder
These Mavic Air 2 propellers holder keeps the prop tips protected when stored or packed for travel. They are easy to apply and remove and help avoid damaging the props during transportation.

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