Dec 20, 2016
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Duluth, Georgia
Drone repair


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PLEASE dont comment on my profile if you need a part. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks! Apr 29, 2017

    1. RebelADA
      Looking for gimbal plate repair on Mavic Pro. How can I get costs and how to send to you? Email me please:
    2. OhYa1337
      Hello Thunderdrones, I was told you're the man with the parts!
      How much is a Gimbal Control Board for the Mavic Pro?
    3. Mrzdm96
      Hey, I'm looking for some rubber vibration absorbers. Can you help?
    4. redbeard14
      Hi, I recently installed a new gimbal ribbon cable and absorbing bracket that were both broke after a crash. But the camera still displays black. I really need it ASAP. I am curious if you could help me if I overnight the drone to you? Not sure how to send a private message...maybe you can tell me/email me and I will call you. Thanks!
    5. Deiw M
      Deiw M
      I want to buy your custom made Mavic Pro gimbal bracket!
      How much it costs?
      Do you send items to LATVIA?
      Looking for a new controller screen lens for my second (co-pilot =)) remote. My son was a little careless with it and it's scuffed beyond repair. Is it better to buy the whole housing, or is it fairly straightforward to replace the lens? I saw in an old thread you sold just the lens. Do you have any stock? Thanks!
    7. esquire
      Looking for the USB door/cover on my Mavic Pro. The clips broke as many others have mentioned and now it wont stay shut. I think it's ridiculous to replace the entire bottom case to fix this small door. Can you help?
    8. robertran88
      Rob, Can you help me find replacement parts? I recently crashed my drone and would like to get it fixed.
    9. lproyect
      Hi, Rob

      I might get too fed up with trying to do the drone work myself. If I do, what do you charge? Contact me at
      1. Thunderdrones
        Sent you an email
        Sep 25, 2017
    10. peerinto
      Hi, i am looking for the 5D button. The DJI Mavic Pro controller. Can ya Help? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
    11. mrcoptermr
      I'm getting a "gimbal disconnected" warning on the DJI4 app with my Mavic. Is it possible to get an estimate of repair cost? Gimbal still initializes when I start Mavic, just no video and gimbal disconnected message. Thank you.
    12. mtnd3w88
      Good Morning, Could you please give an update on the parts I ordered? Thank you,
    13. Sergun
      Hello, I am want bay gimbal control board for Mavic pro from you
    14. rdinh88
      Are you still selling those hex screws? I need about 6 of them
    15. Josedav
      If all you have is a controller and batteries left, (Mavic fly away loss) will any Mavic body you get be able to be flown with that same controller? Or when you buy a new Mavic that comes w/ a controller and batteries only be able to be flown w/ that particular controller that comes with it? What I'm asking is can I buy just the Mavic body itself and fly it with the controller and batteries I already have?
    16. ElMarco
      My Mavic took on a mind of it's own and crashed into a tree. I hear you are the parts man lol. I would like to send you a list of what I need to see if you have them.. What is the best way for me to do this.?
      Thanks in advance
    17. wildairboat
      my mavic took a dive and now i cant control the camera movement with my controller. it says that the gimbal is obstructed but there is nothing in its way. the camera still moves freely by hand and the camera still works but thats it . is this sumthing i need to reset or sumthing i need to send off to be repaired? any information would be greatly appreciated
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      2. Bugsyboat
        Me too! Did you ever get this fixed?
        Oct 19, 2017 at 5:22 PM
    18. Showtyme
      Thunderdrones, do you happen to have a pin out schematic for the camera/gimbal? I've replaced both cables and I'm down to just 1 error! Unfortunately it is a Gimbal gyroscope error and I don't know if it's in the camera or the board.
    19. feltz05
      I just went to fly my Mavic Pro and it is giving me the :Gimbal Motor Overload check the whecher... the gimbal will move all the way up and then face down then stay that way i have not control of it with the remote.. im not sure how to fix this or even where to start... any help would be great
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      2. Bugsyboat
        I'm getting the exact same thing. Did you ever get this resolved?
        Oct 19, 2017 at 5:20 PM
    20. Scott1679
      I just opened my mavic out of the box, flew it once then updated the firmware and then tried to restart and one motor will not activate
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    Duluth, Georgia
    Drone repair
    Ive been into RC aviation since I was 13 years old and saved enough money to buy myself a Cox .049 control line. Took me a while to get it flying well, but had fun with it. Dad was in Vietnam, so it was mostly DIY repair when it broke.

    My first true RC airplane was back in the early 80's with an AM transmitter. After that, I got into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, RC cars and trucks, boats, and in 2016, drones. Im still active with RC cars and trucks, but my passion has now become drones. So much so, that I started buying, selling and repairing drones last year. I always repaired my own, and friends RC vehicles, so this was just another step forward in technology. I try to fly at least 4 times a week, and also test fly customers aircraft, so Ive always got something in the air.

    Im also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. Ive owned a dozen different aircraft from Piper Cherokees, to Mooneys, and my last plane was a Cessna 182RG. I bought and sold aircraft for a while back in the 90's and early 2000's, logged alot of hours delivering aircraft.

    Im always available for help with your drone questions. Please contact me if you need a part, repair, or just someone to get opinions from.

    If you need a part, please send me a PM or "start a conversation. Thanks!