Dec 20, 2016
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PLEASE dont comment on my profile if you need a part. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks! Apr 29, 2017

    1. Michael-Svo
      Hey! I'm making a short film. In the film a Mavic Pro crashes. We obviously don't want to crash our Mavic Pro, but would like to buy or rent a TRASHED/ WRECKED/ BROKEN Mavic Pro to use a "crashed drone prop".
      We are filming next week so time is of the essence!
      Hit me up.
      Thank you!
    2. Xtreme
      Just seeing if you was able to find a screen for the Mavic pro remote?
    3. Quasi
      Hello. I had a hard landing on my Mavic Air. Snapped off the right rear landing foot. Looks to be just an end cap for the motor. No other damage. Are you able to get this replacement part? I appreciate any input. Thank you!
    4. David S...
      David S...
      my apologies i iim new to this and just realized i messaged you on your profile.....
      please disagreed that message.

      I seem to have broken my front left landing gear leg on my Mavic Pro Platnum can you help with replacement parts?
    5. Steve Hurt
      Steve Hurt
      Had some Lightake landing ext. on my MP. While installing after 6 or 7 flights, one of the original Mavic rear landing legs came off. Snapped back on with no problem. Problem came after flight when it returned without the rear landing assembly. Everything is gone. Ext. and original legs. Can you help? DJI says they can't fix.
    6. RTE
      My right rear leg pad/cap is missing after only 1 month. No hard landings or crashes. I contacted DJI Support and they told me it was part of the motor and had to be sent in for repair. Is this accurate? From what I have read it is simply a protective cap that snaps on. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
    7. BIGDAVE
      ok I will def do that for you. ill get intouch with you in the am and get it to you right away, thanks a lot thunder.
    8. mtnd3w88
      Good Morning,
      I had a error come up yesterday.. Stating I had No2 esc error.. can you tell me what arm/motor is No2.. Is there a diagram that shows all the arms and motors and what number each one is?
    9. vixtorfrias
      Hi, could you help me?
      One rubber band on my mavic's gimbal is broken and I dont know where to find them.
      I would appreciate your help.
      ps. I'm from mexico city.
    10. Rodzilla
      Were you able to get anymore rear arm saddles? I need one for the back right arm. This part is very fragile. It broke when my kid knocked it off the coffee table. Crazy.
      1. Thunderdrones
        No, sorry.
        Jan 24, 2018
    11. Stormingd
      @Thunderdrones. Hi, would u happen to have a gimbal back cover. The piece that simply covers the wire in the back of the gimbal. I am one of those that received a new mavic pro with this piece cracked. Also do u suggest a new gimbal cover to prevent this piece from breaking in the future?
    12. Pilunde
      Hello I had a crash of my mavic pro in a tree.
      Two anti vibration plate elastics broke.
      All was still working. I changed the part followed online posted video
      After repair gimble works mechanically well but no image through camera. insufficient light, then it became an image transmission signal and now a sensor problem
      The drone flies but I don’t get any image on my iPhone.

      Thank you
    13. Basecamp
      A friend landed his Mavic in fresh water. He dried it out and it operated for a few minutes but then some smoke came out and it quit working. I've taken the top and bottom shells off to look for evidence of a short circuit and found damage on the Main Core board. The ESC board appears fine. Is there any way to test it before spending $$ on an new board and have another part fail? I'd appreciate your thoughts.
      1. Thunderdrones
        Not really. You just have to roll the dice and hope it doesnt fry.
        Dec 7, 2017
      2. Basecamp
        Ok, that's what I was afraid of. Any suggestions for finding a board? Do you sell them? Thanks!
        Dec 7, 2017
      3. Basecamp
        Another question. Do you recommend flushing the whole thing with distilled water and/or isopropyl and drying it out again or is that unnecessary and risky? Thanks again for your help.
        Dec 7, 2017
    14. Nightowldad

      I am looking for the small black bags of my propellers

      Contact 407-361-4593

      Thank you!

    15. Pointbob

      I cracked the front right leg of my mavic. I only need the leg....How much if possible would that cost? THANKS

      Point Roberts WA 98281
    16. piridium
    17. Ex Harley Man
      Ex Harley Man
      I’m pretty sure I burned out one of the motors on my Mavic Pro and needs replaced. I would like to send to you because it looks like your turnaround time is wayyyyy faster than DJI. I was supposed to leave for AZ (live in SD) on DEC 14). If I overnight to you would you be able to get in returned back by then? Please let me know.
      Thanks a million!
      Ex Harley Man
    18. temoor
      I need mavic pro screw set
      My email id
      Whatsapp is +923008925000
    19. Vetti
      Sorry about the partial texting but this sight keeps telling me that I'm over 420 carictors
    20. Vetti
      It won't record to the SD card but will record a black screen to my phone
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    Duluth, Georgia
    Drone repair
    Ive been into RC aviation since I was 13 years old and saved enough money to buy myself a Cox .049 control line. Took me a while to get it flying well, but had fun with it. Dad was in Vietnam, so it was mostly DIY repair when it broke.

    My first true RC airplane was back in the early 80's with an AM transmitter. After that, I got into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, RC cars and trucks, boats, and in 2016, drones. Im still active with RC cars and trucks, but my passion has now become drones. So much so, that I started buying, selling and repairing drones last year. I always repaired my own, and friends RC vehicles, so this was just another step forward in technology. I try to fly at least 4 times a week, and also test fly customers aircraft, so Ive always got something in the air.

    Im also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. Ive owned a dozen different aircraft from Piper Cherokees, to Mooneys, and my last plane was a Cessna 182RG. I bought and sold aircraft for a while back in the 90's and early 2000's, logged alot of hours delivering aircraft.

    Im always available for help with your drone questions. Please contact me if you need a part, repair, or just someone to get opinions from.

    If you need a part, please send me a PM or "start a conversation. Thanks!