Dec 20, 2016
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PLEASE dont comment on my profile if you need a part. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks! Apr 29, 2017

    1. Zonda89
    2. P80SWL
      Hello. I have been helpfully directed to this area for some help. I am looking for a replacement plastic cover on the rear foot of my Mavic Pro. Are you able to assist?
      Thanks Lots
    3. Skychs
      I just wanted to say thanks for the quick fix and return of my Mavic Pro. The injury ..... a torn gimbal ribbon from hitting the water in Sport Mode around 35 mph. It was my fault and I was lucky to get away with just a new ribbon. It took an hour or so to re-link the controller to the Mavic, then reset all of my original settings but its flying again ..... so far so good.
      Thanks again
    4. fjmatthews
      Just wanted to publicly thank you for your prompt professional service! Thank you so much for doing what you do!
    5. imaddbrad
      Hello Im having trouble with the second connector on the mavic gimbal. Im on my third ribbon and I cannot figure out how its folded. I was told by many that you may have a picture or a diagram of how this is folded. Its amazing how every you-tube video either ignores this coonection has it out of focus, wraps the ribbon off camera or has the camera to wide to see. thank you
    6. JoePark
      Can I buy the 4 rubber dampers for mavic gimbal plate? I crashed my baby and 2 bands broken.
    7. Bacomander
      Looking for 1 gimble plate rubber band. Thank you.
    8. Rogat19
      Hi there with your second hand Mavics the 750 one would you ship to Australia? cheers d
    9. cplmac
      I put my drone in a tree and need to fix the left rear leg bump stop tab, also my gimbal is constantly overloaded now. I discovered that the gimbal had come out of the rear center tab that holds the frame up in the pocket, I got it back in the pocket but I still get the "gimbal overloaded" error. It does turn on it's own trying to calibrate itself every minute, but I cannot control the gimbal with the dial anymore.
    10. itsmeDavide
      Hello! I am looking for the 2 front landing legs. I primarily need the front left (attached to the arm with Mavic label) since it is cracked, but I would prefer to buy both as the other is slightly damaged as well & will likely need replaced later on. Thanks in advance for any help!
    11. mcsterls
    12. frasedouglas
      Hey bro, after a crash yesterday I noticed that I now have a right front sensor error. After quite a bit of research I have discovered that I have either damaged the right front vision sensor or it is popped off its connector. Is there a way to dismantle the Mavic Pro and view the front vision sensor, possibly reconnecting it and fixing this problem? Would appreciate any advice/help. Thanks and appreciate your help!
    13. korom5
      Hello, very new to this page. Not sure how to PM you. I crashed my Mavic but it seems like only a leg was busted(arm is fine). I flew for a while with no seemingly ill effects but one of the legs is broken but still fairly solid, can land a take off with no issues. I would like to replace just for ascetic purposes. Would you be able to ship a leg out?
    14. Tobbe
      Have got water and fog in the camera on my dji mavic how do you get it? Can you share camera heads? Or have any pictures on how to solve it easiest?
    15. Tobbe
      Hello do you have any camera head to dji mavic? Do you know how to get the water and moisture behind the lens?
    16. 200V
      Hello, do you carry Inspire v1 parts? Also, do you have an advice on buying an Inspire v1 that fell in a lake? Nothing powers up. I see eBay parts are very expensive, so I'm probably not going to buy it (but yes, I'm very good with electronics). Thx
    17. Seantylerrr
      Cracked my camera lens. What's the best way to go about this?
    18. hilbish
      I need replacement propellers for my Mavic Pro. Thanks
    19. Martydronedude
      Hi, I'm looking for Mavic Pro parts. In need of video cable, camera mount bracket, and video board. I have new gimbel ribbon cable. Thanks for any help
    20. Maviccrasher
      I wrecked my mavic into a power line today and broke the gimbal smooth off that baby, I'd like to have it repaired. How do we go about doing this?
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    Duluth, Georgia
    Drone repair
    Ive been into RC aviation since I was 13 years old and saved enough money to buy myself a Cox .049 control line. Took me a while to get it flying well, but had fun with it. Dad was in Vietnam, so it was mostly DIY repair when it broke.

    My first true RC airplane was back in the early 80's with an AM transmitter. After that, I got into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, RC cars and trucks, boats, and in 2016, drones. Im still active with RC cars and trucks, but my passion has now become drones. So much so, that I started buying, selling and repairing drones last year. I always repaired my own, and friends RC vehicles, so this was just another step forward in technology. I try to fly at least 4 times a week, and also test fly customers aircraft, so Ive always got something in the air.

    Im also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. Ive owned a dozen different aircraft from Piper Cherokees, to Mooneys, and my last plane was a Cessna 182RG. I bought and sold aircraft for a while back in the 90's and early 2000's, logged alot of hours delivering aircraft.

    Im always available for help with your drone questions. Please contact me if you need a part, repair, or just someone to get opinions from.

    If you need a part, please send me a PM or "start a conversation. Thanks!