Dec 20, 2016
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Duluth, Georgia
Drone repair


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PLEASE dont comment on my profile if you need a part. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks! Apr 29, 2017

    1. iSynthetixx
    2. JustinE
      Looking for a front leg for mavic pro I heard you might be able to help me out
      1. Larry56
        I'm looking for this too. Not the entire arm, just the leg (front left).
        Mar 31, 2017
    3. stapletonphoto
      My mavic controller had a low, soft impact that broke off the plastic antenna cover. It seems like I should be able to slide it back in position over the antenna wire. It slides the entire way but when it gets to where the antenna sleeve meets the antenna swival, it will not go on completely leaving about a 16th of an inch gap where the sleeve meets the swival. Any advice on how to fix this problem?
    4. dbangler
    5. Jdiaz2233
      Just curious, my Mavic was in a crash and DJI approved dealer is telling me that the camera is broken. In actuality the camera works but it spins and goes haywire then goes back to normal every couple of minutes. He mentioned that the camera wires appear to be nicked. Would you say that replacing the wire would resolve the issue as opposed to have to dish out $400 for a new camera and gimbal?
    6. JoelMC
    7. JoelMC
      Hello I'm going through the same calamity with mavic pro and gimbal
    8. Doz
      Ha ha I'm in Australia mate...but cheers for the offer.
    9. andrew reeves
      andrew reeves
      Is this the pm area
      1. Thunderdrones
        Not really but my email is if you wanna email, or call 404-200-4776 in Atlanta. Thats easier haha
        Jan 8, 2017
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    Duluth, Georgia
    Drone repair
    Ive been into RC aviation since I was 13 years old and saved enough money to buy myself a Cox .049 control line. Took me a while to get it flying well, but had fun with it. Dad was in Vietnam, so it was mostly DIY repair when it broke.

    My first true RC airplane was back in the early 80's with an AM transmitter. After that, I got into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, RC cars and trucks, boats, and in 2016, drones. Im still active with RC cars and trucks, but my passion has now become drones. So much so, that I started buying, selling and repairing drones last year. I always repaired my own, and friends RC vehicles, so this was just another step forward in technology. I try to fly at least 4 times a week, and also test fly customers aircraft, so Ive always got something in the air.

    Im also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. Ive owned a dozen different aircraft from Piper Cherokees, to Mooneys, and my last plane was a Cessna 182RG. I bought and sold aircraft for a while back in the 90's and early 2000's, logged alot of hours delivering aircraft.

    Im always available for help with your drone questions. Please contact me if you need a part, repair, or just someone to get opinions from.

    If you need a part, please send me a PM or "start a conversation. Thanks!