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  1. Torcan

    NavCanada just modifies the PART IX for Controlled Airspace

    well said lets keep personal politics away from this forum, complain at the ballot box
  2. Torcan

    Are you a curmudgeon?

    Any day that you are able to wake up above ground is a good day. It doesn't matter if it is cold, rainy, sunny, windy, thunder, snowing, deep freeze or heat wave, bills paid or not, one more day alive is winning the lottery. It is all about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). No matter how bad...
  3. Torcan


    Maybe you should have waited another 10 years before purchasing a drone, I am sure you would then have all those security features. Geez, I bet by then the drone will even unbox itself and fly with voice command. DJI has come a long way in the last 10 years, just like anything, technology gets...
  4. Torcan


    Unfortunately you took off before the aircraft had acquired enough satellites for a good position lock are absolutely amazing. I am in awe at what you are able to read with a few graphs, this forum owes you big time. I see many of your investigations and am always blown away with...
  5. Torcan

    Small plane above my house....

    Sounds to me like it is a flight school that may be there. You could take a drive over and ask if they are training and ask at what height they are flying when they fly over your home,. You could also ask them out of courtesy to avoid your area. Let them know you are a registered drone pilot...
  6. Torcan

    Just ordered 2 ARC II lights with mounts

    I hope mine when they get here will be ok, reading through these posts worries me because I am in Canada and these come from FHT in the USA. I ordered on April 3, still waiting for them to arrive, fingers crossed they are good.
  7. Torcan

    Does anyone know of any videos that show how to use your smart controller alongside the factory controller to get a dual live picture feed?

    see this thread, with smart controller HDMI port to HDMI input port on a monitor DJI Smart Controller HDMI Output and a video here
  8. Torcan

    Just ordered 2 ARC II lights with mounts

    From their website, they do not ship to Canada when filling out the order But yes I did e-mail them. see my post #11, I already said exactly what you posted :)
  9. Torcan

    All about cases...

    I love the Lekufee Hard Case, it is waterproof and the size of a briefcase, and you can stand on it without it collapsing Lekufee DJI Mavic 2 Case,Professional Cases Compatible/Replacement for Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Case(Can Hold 5 Batteries;Waterproof IP67 Rated) Waterproof Case Fits 1x DJI Mavic...
  10. Torcan

    Can you find the fish?

    at 1:00 bottom left, swims out of frame
  11. Torcan

    How do I stand legally....

    wow, great shot, gorgeous, thank you for sharing
  12. Torcan

    How do I stand legally....

    would you mind terribly sharing the photo here for all of us to see?
  13. Torcan

    Help with Rogue drone operations

    It's a firefly stuck to your windshield :)
  14. Torcan

    To my fellow flyers

    Best wishes, take care of yourself. see you real soon.