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Recent content by Viking

  1. Viking

    Newbie Lesson

    Ouch! Fingers can grow out again, iv’e heard?
  2. Viking

    Landing pad for MavikAir

    Yes it’s a fold-up from PgyTech. No weight and really easy to store. There is a larger one to. Landing Pad Pro for Drones 55CM/75CM/110CM landing pad for Drones Here is how to fold them in a easy way.
  3. Viking

    Litra torch or Lume Cube?

    And He said ”let there be light”. Holy smoke how bright these are! Just tested outside but not in the air yet because it’s to windy. But so far it’s good bang for the buck.
  4. Viking

    Prop bent from Fly More case

    Those ”fly-more” bags is so tight so you must sqeeze the drone in for closing the zippers. My bag from the Mavic pro fits my Spark instead with everything in it. Would never try to sqeeze the Mavic into that narrow space for a longer period.
  5. Viking

    Landing pad for MavikAir

    An ordinary cuttingboard of oak seems to do the same job? Or maybe a folding mat specially made for the purpose. 😉
  6. Viking

    Another Positive Story - Drone Finds Lost Boy At Night

    Allready posted. Six Year Old Boy Found By A Drone In My Area!
  7. Viking

    Master Airscrew added --- Orange for the Stealth Props

    I’m glad you have such joy for that, allways trying to spread happyness around me. And I fly for Missing People here in Sweden even in darkness so anything that Could do any help for visibility is good even if you got a laugh.
  8. Viking

    Charging without the charging hub/cable

    Not doable because you can’t charge via the micro-usb connector on the drone.
  9. Viking

    Master Airscrew added --- Orange for the Stealth Props

    I got both black and orange.
  10. Viking

    Litra torch or Lume Cube?

    I’m in a Swedish group who flying SAR for Missing People so we fly in darkness when it’s necessary. Here is two of My drones for that purpose.
  11. Viking

    iOS 13 & Go4 ?

    No problems at all. IOS 13.1.2 and IPhone XR.
  12. Viking

    sd card too slow

    Yes, try another faster card. Probably you have a card that balance on the edge due to latest firmware update.
  13. Viking

    Passed 107 exam.

    Left is right and right is wrong.😉
  14. Viking

    Mavic Mini Release October 30th!

    Just wait, the MOD will clean up soon and lock.
  15. Viking

    Mavic Mini Release October 30th!

    More Chinese crap on the market to fool the buyers. And more plastic in the ocean.