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    for sale 2 mont old mavic pro

    this is a good flying mavic pro, includes fly more battery components also has quick disconnect antenna connectors just like titan system, however the antennas are modfyed to be 8 + DB GAIN ... all are in good shape and includes dji sholder bag, low noise props, connectors for 3 different cell...
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    Mavic for Sale

    My mavic is 2 months old and I want an upgrade. I will upload the flight data. I have a hard case for it and ND Filters. I paid $1,400 for the combo pack, $75 for the filters, and $125 for the hard case. I want to sell it all for $1400. Here is the data: Dropbox -...
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    Selling my Mavic!

    I want to sell the Mavic I bought about 2 months ago. I bought the bundle package, Polar Pro ND Filters, and a nice water tight case for it. Total worth is like $1,600. I would want about $1,400 for it. I want to get a different drone and don't have the cash. There isn't a thing wrong with...