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  1. F

    Brand new opened but never flown Mavic pro with fly more comb Hershey PA USA $975.00 obo

    I bought the mavic pro fly more almost 5 months ago. I was waiting until I could get the Dji refresh before I activated the drone. Well long story short I unfortunately need to sell it. Comes with all fly more combo extras plus take off landing pad, leg extensions, and sun shade screen. Buyer...
  2. habanadj

    (SOLD)DJI Mavic pro some extras UPDATED price $450 plus shipping

    DJI Mavic pro Mavic Pro perfect with some extras $550 now $450 Small Case, landing extender, mirror range extender, 3D Printed Mavic Pro Portable Portable Handheld Gimbal DJI Care Refresh , Extended Warranty’s End Date: 2019/11/05 (transferable) Located in Miami, FL area