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for sale mavic pro crash parts repair

  1. SnakeBaptist

    FS: Mavic Pro Remote for sale

    I own three DJI Mavic Pros and after the typical fatality by tree I'm left with a drone too expensive to fix and a third perfect condition remote. Included are all original cables (lighting, android) & charging cable. I'm happy to ship in the original Mavic Pro box with packaging for US $230...
  2. J

    SOLD Mavic Pro for sale. For parts or repair.

    Up for sale is my mavic pro that has a broken camera ribbon. Still takes off and flys great but there is no video transmission. Comes with original box, controller, battery, charger, extra props. Only flew a few times. Looking to get $500. James 516-523-2157 call/text Long Island area New York