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  1. treygeiger

    FS: [Toronto area] Mavic Pro + 2 extra batteries, carrying case, Neweer filters

    I just picked up a Mavic Mini and while it's certainly not as nice as my original Mavic Pro, for my casual needs it will suffice, and I certainly don't need two drones. I'm in Toronto so looking to sell my old drone (in perfect condition - can elaborate and will share full photos etc of course)...
  2. Bigdz


  3. Riel_Highlife

    DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM "Fly More" F/S (So.Cal)

    SOLD. Mods, please delete. Thanks
  4. G


    I have an additional Mavic Pro (I ordered 2) but have decided to only keep one and a Phantom 4 instead. I have not flown this drone - so it is still unregistered, and you can still add DJI insurance on it since it has zero hours flown. Open box, but brand new - Looking for mostly a local sale...