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image transmission

  1. L

    Mavic 2 image transmission bitrate

    Hello, I have a Mavic 2 pro with a smart controller. Recently I´ve used the smart controllers HDMI output for television broadcasting by sending the signal to the outside broadcasting van. The maximum bitrate I receive from the drone is about 10mbps in HD mode. Is there any official or...
  2. S

    Frustrated user, camera/pcb board problems? - Mavic Pro

    hey, I'm going to make my first post as thorough as possible to avoid and confusion. Left my Mavic Pro on my car, drove it a few miles, went up a hill and saw something fall off the roof. went to go pick up my drone. some scuffs on the body, gimbal cover and lock both fell out, and gimbal got...
  3. F

    Should I Flash the Firmware - Video Transmission intermittent freeze

    I have a phantom 3 professional that is on the latest firmware version. Has been updated on nearly every version and never really had any issues. I purchased a Mavic Pro when they first came out so the Phantom is getting less use. On the last few flights I've been having a problem with the...
  4. M

    No Image Transmission, brand new Mavic Pro Platinum

    Hi guys, First of all, merry Christmas to you all! I finally received the new Mavic Pro Platinum, and I have not been able to see the preview in the phone since first unpacking it. Although, it is flying, it is not a good call to fly without a view on your phone. I have noticed several...
  5. baweber

    Mavic is now useless

    Using latest software - My drone is unusable at this time - seems to get worse every time I use it. I now get almost constant warning messages - including "Disconnected" when Mavic and controller are within 50 feet! It is impossible to rely on the video as well as it is completely garbled...
  6. M

    Laggy image from 500m and further

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help. I have been experiencing some really weak video signal, anytime I fly my drone to the 500m distance mark the image starts to break up and become extremely laggy, some times the image has completely cut out leaving me to RTH blindly, which is quite...
  7. GenCode

    HD -> Switch To HD Mode - What does it do?

    I am a little confused at what this does HD > Image Transmission Switch To HD Mode Camera will automatically switch to Recording Mode when resolution is 1080p. Only 1080p and 2.7k are supported. I have 720p selected (Default) When I try to select 1080p it gives me a message and still goes...