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  1. ASI_Flyboy

    Hello from Northern Illinois

    Checking in from Northern Illinois. Not quite a pilot yet, but studying for my part 107. In the meantime toying around with the DJI Tello. Will eventually be trying to program drones once the Microsoft SDK is available. Looking forward to learning from all of you!
  2. XboxOneJimCramer

    Microsoft and DJI development

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there has played with the Microsoft and DJI SDK yet? I’m interested in getting into drone development and curious what the SDK has to offer. I know that it will be released this fall but seeing if anyone has played with the sneak peek via the Build...
  3. thebigbaddan

    Drones in the Microsoft Build conference

    I just posted this over in News, check it out: Microsoft and DJI... Did Microsoft demo the Mavic Pro, or the Mavic Air? Mavic Air for the win!!!