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  1. S

    Battery power suddenly lost during flight

    During a flight with a full battery, after 1 minute 7 seconds, power suddenly disappeared from 94% to 0. The drone reported this on the controller and began a forced landing This was happening over the middle of the lake I was lucky that there was a tiny island and I was able to slightly...
  2. morgan_civ

    Odd Mavic 2 Actions

    #1 Hello, A few weeks ago I was flying with my mavic in sport mode, a few hundred feet in the air with plenty of satellites. When I "floored" it, it shot forward like normal, but a few seconds later I could hear it automatically climbing in the air, hearing the change in pitch from below. From...
  3. J

    No shooting photos

    Hello, I had my Mavic Pro since 2 years and always have worked perfectly, but half a year ago it started having problems with shooting (I never crashed it), I had to press a lot of times or wait after 15 minutes flying to be able to shoot photos, but now it doesn't do anything, it can just take...