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  1. B

    WTB: Mavic Pro aircraft only

    I lost mine :( I still have the controller, charger, extra batteries, etc, so I don't need those. I'm looking for a deal on an aircraft only, extra propellers or batteries may be welcome. Thanks
  2. H

    WTB: DJI Goggles

    Hi, there! I just missed out on a pair of DJI Goggles here for a good price, so I'm hoping someone else is selling theirs for around $300 shipped, which the previous seller posted. Thanks! JOhn
  3. A

    WTB: Mavic front leg with internals

    Hey, looking for supply of a FL leg, Got caught in some foliage and Mavic made an attempt to severe its own foot off when arm closed in resistance..... Cut good 3/4 through I'm based in Vic, Australia please msg