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Canadian Sectionals


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Apr 26, 2018
Hello fellow Canadian flyers, we all know of our somewhat strict UAS flying rules. I run the same Apps as most of you probably do to stay in the loop on no fly zones. But in theme with a lot of Canadian laws, the ones we have to follow can be super vague. Especially for the one of ‘outside of controlled or restricted airspace’. That’s all they say, no direction or insight on what to look for.

Even if your the required 5.5km from airports and meet the rest of the required points, apparently that doesn’t your still go to go. Be sure to have a look at the online site for controlled airspace, etc.

UAV Site Selection Tool - National Research Council Canada


And though I don’t really care for how strict they are here for ‘making’ money with your quad. I can already see in my area that Real Estate agents who seem to be buying a quad, not having a clue and launching it in all the really wrong areas are gunna hurt us even more.