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Crash using DJI goggle


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Sep 2, 2018
I'm a beginner with just ca. 5 hours flight. I was testing the DJI goggles functionality with Mavic 2 Zoom when I had my first crash:

I took off using goggles and selected Head Tracking Flight mode.
My intention was to keep the aircraft in position thus I did not touch the remote control sticks. However, the aircraft moved ca. 1m. This movement was unexpected for me, as the Head Tracking Flight should control only the yaw and gimbal but not the pitch.

As I noticed the position had changed, I used the "Reset Flight Mode" button in the goggles to abandon the the Head Tracking Flight mode but I noticed the goggles movement was still active, controlling the yaw.

Mistake: I pressed the Pause button and removed the goggles aiming to land using the Remote Control.
However, before I touched the remote control sticks, the aircraft moved quite fast and hit the wall, probably due to the movement of the goggles being removed. Fortunately, I just lost a propeller.

Could you please help me with the following points?
1- How to get out from the intelligent mode when using the goggles? (w.o. switching it off)
2- Why the Pause button did not stabilize the aircraft, maintained the position, allowing me to remove the goggles safely?
3- Goggles should have a proximity sensor to recognize it has been removed and stop controlling the aircraft.
4- Why did the aircraft change position in Head Tracking Flight, without I moved the remote control Pitch stick?

Basic question: How can I attach my log file here?

Thanks in advance.
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First of all, being a beginner, you should've manually flown your AC a lot higher and away from any obstacles before trying flight modes where you don't intend to control with the remote. That way, if an unexpected behaviour occurs, you have time and space to recover.
There are 2 types of head tracking. One where it'll control the AC, and one where it controls only the gimbal. You probably had it control the AC. You need to select the correct one.
I haven't used Head Tracking on my Googles in a while, but I think you need to select head tracking again to deselect it. I've only used Head Tracking to control the gimbal.
I agree with your advice. Thanks!
It was too early to apply the AC control via goggles indeed.

DJI manual states that during the Head Tracking 'Flight' (in opp. to H.T. 'Gimbal') the goggles would control the AC movement about the vertical axis only (+ gimbal) but not the pitch, so I assumed the AC would just hover at the same position, independently of the goggles movement.
The latest version V1.4 - 2018.01 does not mention about AC pitch control during Head Tracking Flight mode

The Goggles support head tracking, which allows the aircraft to follow head movements:

1.Head Tracking Flight
Move your head to control the aircraft and the gimbal. Turn left and right to control the yaw of the
aircraft, and turn up and down to control the pitch of the gimbal (-90° to 30°).

2.Head Tracking Gimbal
Move your head to control the gimbal. Turn left and right to control the yaw of the gimbal (-30° to
30°), and turn up and down to control the pitch of the gimbal (-90° to 30°).

3.Reset Motion Control
Set the gimbal to the center position or simulate the yaw stick in the mid-point of the remote
controller. Head tracking will center on this poin
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There's v1.4 for the DJI Google RE. But looks like I was wrong. It supposed to only controls the pitch of the gimbal, not the actual AC.

I guess you can post your flight logs confirm it was moving forward on its own without RC input.
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I will upload the flight logs and post them here later. Thanks Ray for your attention and support!

By the way, I have transferred the logs as .DAT files from the iPhone to PC using iTunes.
Would you please suggest a viewer to open the file in a proper format?
I don't have the AC with me now, thus cannot extract it with DJI Assistant 2
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