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Crashed Mavic Pro for Parts + Good Controller and Charger - Auction Ends 9/8

G Saunders

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Aug 9, 2018
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My recently crashed Mavic Pro is up at eBay, auction ends Sunday the 8th. Visible damage is a snapped gimbal and broken off little hold-down over the left hind gear. I backed it into a tree and it took out all the props on the way down, good crash video. The battery popped out and didn't turn off, my neighbor got to it first and put the batteryback in while I was on the way to search for the dead drone. I was delighted to see the video stream come back while we were both walking. I set it in the moss while we were laughing about it and it got GPS mode.

The justice here is that today he cut down the tree that reached out and snagged the drone...

The controller is a year and a half old, works fine.

I've got no idea what it's worth, put it up for $35 with free shipping to a PayPal address. It was bid all the way up to $39, 5 bids in the first couple of hours. I look forward to shipping the pulled-apart Pro and controller to the highest bidder.

The full description and pictures are at eBay: Crashed DJI Mavic Pro, Good Controller and Charger NOT AIRWORTHY FOR PARTS ONLY | eBay
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