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Drone man uk

May 25, 2018
Like New MPP FM, purchased new on 5/15/2018. Bought the Care Refresh on 5/16/2018, prior to first flight on 5/17/2018. I have flown the drone a few times, mostly in the acre backyard just hovering and flying back and forth while learning, with a maximum fly time of approx 2 hours 49 minutes as of right now. Kind of realizing that I’m going to get bored of this thing pretty quickly and it’s a little too expensive to just let it sit on a shelf.

Meticulously taken care of, only used on landing pad, wiped down after every use, and never touched anything – absolutely pristine, and not a single blemish anywhere. Clear protective stickers still on remote. Flies perfectly and zero issues what so ever. Willing to allow view of flight recordings to make sure the drone never touched anything. If I cannot find someone within the next couple of days locally who is interested, I’m just going to return all that I can, and sell off the rest.

Here’s the full listing of the accessories:

Smaetree D500 case
PGYTech – Extended Landing Legs
PGYTech – Lens Hood
PGYTech – Controller Stick Protector
PGYTech – Propeller Protectors
PGYTech – 30” Landing Landing Pad
Neewer 5 Piece Filter Kit – UV, CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16
Fstop Controller Device Holder
Fstop Battery Terminal Protectors
Aterox Gimbal Lock/Cover
DJI Folding Propeller Guard

As you can see, this is a complete comprehensive kit with everything you need to get started, with a perfectly flying MPP in brand new condition. All original packaging, manuals, etc, are available as well. I’ve got almost $1,700 into this and will sell for $1,400 Face to Face, Cash ONLY View attachment 38727 View attachment 38729 . I'm willing to take a little hit in the difference, but the the price is firm. Offer will expire next week to remain safely within the return period. If someone wants it, let me know asap. Zip Code is 60047 Lake Zurich, IL area. Will not ship.
Hi how much you wanting as I am after a platinum I own the mavic pro can you let me no ASAP thanks drone man UK
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 2 Case

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