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Dji are doing my head in should i send it back


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May 13, 2018
ok il try keep it short but ive had some issues with downword sensors and when it up about 100ft + with no wind it starts turning left or right and have to counter steer this with controller to keep it center. but when its about 4ft hovering its fine. ive calbrated the controler, compas, imu,
im giving up now still dont work
for the sensors ive had dji software running on 3 diffrent pcs and all ends with white screen issues and locks up.
i brought it new had it about 3 weeks now with 2 hrs flight time
so i contacted dji to see if i could send it back .they said i would have pay the postage there and back from uk to usa and if they find out its not a malfunction with drone il be charged again .as its outside 14 days replacement policy they will not replace the drone unless they do not have a part for it ect.
then only then they will replace it
it would be cheaper for me to fly it into a wall and claim on my refresh package.!!
at one point they said to me to contact drone doctor as they are dji repair center in uk. ok great but what about the bill ...they said they cannot garantee how much it would cost. Dji are starting to make me run around the block here and dont want to repair the fault by the sounds
they wouldnt contact drone doctor to settle any warranty issue .

if its a defect then i meet the critera to a replacement unit so it says in policy

any advice? should i get a price and post it off back to usa and back or pay localy for fix
has anyone ever had any fixes made by a shop and rough prices?

and would you say this is classed as a malfunction or not?
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