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Flying and hiking in through the mist on Mt. Elinor


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Aug 31, 2018
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Some days in the mountains are blessed by the soothing rays of the summer sun, and endless vistas stretch on into the distant horizon. Other days are drenched in a soothing blanket of fog that obscures the landscape so that mystery drips from every dew jeweled wildflower. We may not have seen sparkling Lake Cushman, the wide expanse of Puget Sound and its gleaming metropolis, or the lofty summit of Mt. Olympus, but the experience of exploring the alpine forests and flower gardens of Mt. Elinor was a sublime experience nonetheless.

The day started out great with a flight from the trailhead over the sea of fog and through skeins of mist. However, at the top of the mountain the fog was blowing through in a strong wind, and flying was very difficult, though I still got a few seconds of great footage!

Photos on my blog: Hiking through the mist on Mt. Ellinor
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