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FOR SALE: Mavic Pro Platinum with extras


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Mar 6, 2017
Mt. Juliet, TN
For Sale: Mavic Pro Platinum with many extras
- Purchased 2018 and has 50 hours. No crashes, dings or scratches.
- Near Perfect condition due to tender care and pre-flight inspections
- 4 original batteries (1 Mavic Pro Plat + 3 MAvic Pro). Batteries have no swelling and all have charge of 96% or greater. But let's be honest they are 3-4 years old so you can't expect new results. All the batteries charge great and hold charges, no issues.
- Standard Mavic Controller w/ external attachment ment of iPAd or iPad mini
- All original cables and extra length iphone cable.
- Platinum Pro props on the drone plus 5 more sets of low noise props (set consist of 2 props). Also a single set of Mavic Pro props.
- AC home and DC car chargers with 4 battery charging hub.
- Original gimbal cover and protector
- Brackets for Lume Cube attachment (no Lume Cubes provided)
- Set of ND filters and polarizer
- Carry Case (I have original box if you want it but will be extra shipping)

I was going to put this up on Ebay, but thought I would give the forum members first shot. I am asking $500.00 plus shipping costs (estimate it to be $25.00) to be paid via Paypal. This is a great little drone which has all the extras you need. Still flies like a champ but I need to clear out some of my older drones I no longer fly. I will be putting up an almost new Phantom 4 later this week. I have tried to provide plenty of photos so you can see the condition for yourself. Let me know if you want a different angle/view. I will not be parting this out and only sell as a package deal.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! MavicPP_sale-07441.jpg MavicPP_sale-07443.jpg MavicPP_sale-07442.jpg MavicPP_sale-07445.jpg MavicPP_sale-07443.jpg MavicPP_sale-07458.jpg MavicPP_sale-07457.jpg MavicPP_sale-07456.jpg MavicPP_sale-07454.jpg MavicPP_sale-07453.jpg MavicPP_sale-07451.jpg MavicPP_sale-07449.jpg MavicPP_sale-07448.jpg


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