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Former P3A owner, just bought a Mavic Pro. Any comments from P3 owners?


New Member
Jun 9, 2018
Prices on the Mavic Pro have come down enough to interest me, so I ordered one. Sold my P3A this summer and had plans to buy a Mavic before this summer to bring it to Europe, as I did with the P3A. I use the drone mostly to provide content for motorcycling videos a buddy of mine puts together. The P3A worked fine, great actually, but dragging it along was always a pain because of the size. Especially when I would fly (on airlines) to locations in Europe, and when transporting it on a bike. More importantly, I will be traveling from Italy to the Isle of Man to do a video on the circuit in in August taking Ryan Air and Easyjet both airlines having limited luggage options.

1. Flying. Easier or harder compared to a P3?
2. I understand that removing inserts in the phone mount, the remote will hold an 8 inch tablet. I kept the Nvidea Shield I used with the P3 and would like to use it with the Mavic Pro. Any issues using a tablet? and any sun hood recommendations.
3. App. Is it a different app. I ran the app that I used with the P3A and there was no Mavic option.