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FS: Mavic Air with Lots of Extras


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May 10, 2018
Fort Myers, FL.
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Selling my Mavic Air collection. Never crashed and super clean. Has 3hr45min flight time total.
Has Current DJI REFRESH (see below)
Everything is less than 2-months old.

**Will post pictures soon.**

Let me know if you have any questions.

All DJI items come in original boxes. Have boxes for almost everything else for the exception of a few smaller items like the rubber caps, Landing Pad, MavMount, and the LiPo bags.

2018 Mavic Air Onyx List:

Onyx Mavic Air: $799 (1Battery)
3-Additional Batteries: $240 (3 Total)
Extra Mavic Air Remote with extra Cables: $175
SanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB V30: $75
2 sets of Kuuqa Charging port & Battery covers: $8
RCGeek Extended Lansing Feet: $12
Polar Pro Rugged Edition Case: $50
PolarPro Shutter Collection ND Filters: $80
PolarPro UV Filter: $30
FStop Labs Filter 6-pack Set: $50 (includes ND and PL filters)
2-LiPo Fire Retardant Bags: $15 (Holds 6 Batteries)
DJI Battery USB Power Bank Adaptor: $25
DJI Charging Hub Block: $50
DJI Car Charger: $50
Rubber Motor Caps: $5
DJI 5-Pair of Props: $50 (new in box)
DJI Care Refresh: $89 (May 10, 2018)
4Hawks Raptor XR antenna: $175 (1st remote has already been modded)
PGYTech Sun Hood: $16
ThreeKings Parabolic Antenna: $7
Red Anker PowerLine+ USB-to-Lightning 1ft Cable: $15
30” Drone Landing Pad with bag: $15
MavMount 3.0 Blue, w/lanyard: $75 (comes with the Tablet mount for the 9.7” range.

TOTAL: $2106

Sale Price: $1500
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