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General Video settings questions

Keith G

Jun 11, 2018
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I have played with most of the mechanical options with my Mavic Pro and Go4, I have a solid understanding of photography, but i am unhappy with the quality of the everyday video that I shoot.
I have issue with contrast,color, and exposure, and the time that it takes for the camera to adjust from open sky to heavy green tree line to a house, etc. I have played with white balance, auto/manual exposure and such. Is it possible that I have an issue with the camera? When I look at posts on FB, I can only assume that there is a lot of post work for every shot. Is this the case? I have iMovie, and I am considering Lightroom, I know I am not inclined to learn Photoshop and other high end post programs. Will attempt to attach a short example. Thanks in advance for help.