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Gimbal calibration


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Jul 23, 2017
When I set up my Mavic Pro ready for take off I noticed that the camera was facing to the right.
I tried to do a gimbal calibration and it got to 31% and then said "Gimbal calibration failed" and gave the option of cancel or try again.

I tried again and it got to 31% and showed the same message as previous.

I flew the Mavic for 10 - 15 minutes and it flew fine.

When I got home I tried the gimbal calibration again exactly the same happened.
I bought this drone new from a DJI approved dealer and it is 11 months old
I am running the latest firmware and DJI App update

Any suggestions?

I have just tried an experiment.
I checked the firmware I am running and it is the latest - V01.04.0300 dated 2018..02.09
So I downgraded to V01.04.0200 dated 2018.01.31 and carried out a gimbal recalibration and it worked. Camera was centralised and everything worked.

I then upgraded the firmware to V01.04.0300 dated 2018..02.09 and immediately the camera was off centre again. I tried a gimbal recalibration and it got to 31% and then got the message "Gimbal calibration failed"

I am reinstalling the older firmware V01.04.0200 dated 2018.01.31
If it were my Mavic, and I updated the firmware and my gimbal failed calibration, I would send it back under warranty.
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