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gimbal doesnt work,what all should i replace?


Jan 25, 2018
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hi enigma, was searching very vigorously with the problems i was facing on my mavic pro, yours was the closest, please bear with me, as i explain you what my drone is suffering with.

first the gimbal stopped working, not a single crash of my mavic pro, i was surprised as i didnt crash it, so got a replacement flex and tried fixing it, it didnt respond,then got a replacement gimbal assembly , this too didnt work, i thought the gimbal control board was the issue, so i tried replacing that too, but for my bad luck, that didnt fix the drone the gimbal just moves for 5 seconds as if it was calibrating and stops moving, no stabilization action, i am not sure weather the replacement parts i got for the drone are reliable, so i want to ask you this thing,
if the gimbal control board is only connected to the power,and to the gimbal video and control flex, will that be enough to see the gimbal start calibrating and start its stabilization work?
or it should be connected to the main board to start working normally?
i am asking these questions to know if my main board is malfunctioning, or should i only replace the gimbal and the gimbal control board to get my drone back to life?

i have already spent so much time and money and then it doesnt work i am getting vexed on this drone , i really loved it !
i am planning to get a total gimbal and control board replacement,
i stay in india, sourcing all these drone parts are too tough in a place like india, and not having proper knowledge of which part has failed, and also getting failed replacement are taking a heavy toll on me.
waiting for your answer,any help is much apreciated
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