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Gimbal not connecting plus many other issues.


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Feb 11, 2019
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Hi all so I bought a second hand drone was flying fine until I did the unthinkable and crashed it (crash detection was turned off by previous owner ?!?)

After the crash I lost the video feed but the gimbal still works. after doing some research I replaced the silver feed cable being a easy cheap solution, didn’t work so I replaced the camera lens as they can also break. Still not good. I replaced the whole gimbal arm thinking I may have damaged it some how still not working so I replaced the whole wobble board gimbal board as a complete unit to make sure it was all 100 percent. Still no picture.

I opened the bottom half of the drone and noticed one of the plugs had fallen off there so put that back on but still no video feed. The gimbal starts up but snaps and makes a banging noise on start up then will finish by looking into the sky but I am unable to correct its position.

I’m receiving a few error codes (see image attached) I really don’t want to take this to DJI as I have already spent so much on parts and I feel like they are going to charge me through the nose for it all.

Much appreciated would love to get this thing back in the sky !