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Horizontal geo fence


Mar 12, 2017
I'm flying a Mavic Pro using an iPhone 6S, and the DJI Go 4 app. In the Main Controller settings I can set the Max Flight Altitude. I would also like to set the horizontal distance, meaning I would like to set the maximum horizontal distance the Mavic could fly and warn me when it reaches this horizontal distance, and what the Mavic will do when I hit this distance (e.g. will it automatically RTH or just hover. I don't see where to do this. I do see the Enable Max Distance, but I don't see anywhere I can set the horizontal distance.

On a related note, if I DO NOT enable max distance, then what is the maximum distance the Mavic will fly and what will the Mavic do when it reaches this distance (e.g. RTH, hover, land, etc)


Fairly sure the max distance option is already horizontal. Once you hit the limit you set the drone will not fly any further in that direction, forcing you to fly it back away from the "wall".
I agree the distance option is the horizontal. My problem is I don’t see where I set the distance. There is no box to type a number. There is a box for altitude, but not for distance. Do you know where it would be in the Go 4 app?
It is there, read the manual. I just checked mine yesterday after doing a phone reset.

How far will it go if you do not set a limit?

the Pilot answer is " it flew all the way to the scene of the crash"

The engineers answer.. the drone is always calculating where it is, where the home point is, and if it has enough battery to get back there without your command input. When it calculates it has reached a point that it does not have the energy to return home if it goes any further, (or if it is hovering and burning battery) it will execute a self RTH

The practical answer it will fly until it sees it can go no further , using the calculated power it will then RTH, but if there is a strong headwind on the return flight, the calculated power may not be enough to get the job done.
If you open the DJI app, then click on the 3 dots in the upper corner, then the drone icon on the next page, upper left, look at MC settings and IIRC it is in that menu. I think you have to be connected to the drone to make the changes
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