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Inside a Magical Forest


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Mar 8, 2018
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When one remembers the fairy tales, the stories that as a child he used to hear them from our parents, or from our grandparents, we always come to the memory the scenario in which they developed in our imagination or what we have seen in the drawings animated A dark forest, wet and full of large trees, filled with mystery and curiosity the adventures of Tom Thumb, Hensel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood. These forests, when one grows older, cease to exist in our imagination and seem to disappear from our consciousness like a sugar in coffee. Places like the video, help us remember that these forests still exist, and have a capacity of suggestion and sufficient evocation to imagine the development of a thousand and one stories, which is more fantastic and attractive. At any time of the year it is advisable to visit the forest, but it must be recognized that it is in autumn when it deploys all its strength, especially by the chromatic contrast of the chestnut trees with oak, servales, holly and pine groves of the area. The video however was recorded in the height of summer