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July-01-18 - Canada Day City Fireworks


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Mar 21, 2018
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Woodstock, Ontario Canada

First time shooting at night and shooting fireworks, tried some settings that I found on youtube and here that came out okay, but I would change them to a degree.

Settings: 2.7k D-dlog (my usual), +1, -1, -1 (usual), iso 1600 (I would change this to 400-800) 30fps (usual) whitebalance: cloudy (I would go back to my 5300k), shutter 1/30th ( I would change this to 1/40-1/60th. Post edit in Premier, 9660 IWLTBAP lut. bumped the blackness a bit, and 100% sharpness bump (works well with fireworks, and fixed some of the mavic focus issues. about 50% of my recorded video ended up being blurry which most I left out aside from really interesting shots, shame, next time I will lock the focus after one of the first bursts and leave it manual for the rest of the shoot.

Lot of noise at 1600, and if you try to combine video with taking longer stills it's way too bright, I took 1.6 second stills. It was a windy night so they are a bit blurry. dropping the ISO and slowing the shutter to 2-3 seconds would minimize that. (no post editing in these shots yet).

DJI_0666 (Large).JPG DJI_0667 (Large).JPG
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