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June 29th 2018 - Long Point Ontario 360 Panos


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Mar 21, 2018
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Woodstock, Ontario Canada
These took a bit and are not perfect, as with any panorama where you have a lot of same type of texture (grass, lake, sea, sky etc) Most panorama stitching software falls short, I've been learning PTgui and found a few new tricks today, while not perfect yet, it takes hours out of the work of putting those images together, Example, the following 2 panoramas had 10+ images there were not alignable due to no control points. This would take an hour or more per image to fix (when I have done this before) now it was 95% put together in a few seconds. A decent trade off. Just needs some fine tuning of my process to get it up to 99% ;)


Long Point Beach 1
June-29-18 - Long Point Ontario 1

Long Point 2 (higher and more inland)
June-29-18 - Long Point Ontario 2 A higher vantage and a bit more inland