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Landing Gear Extensions

Mavic Airick

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Sep 13, 2018
Arlington, Texas
I'm concerned about the camera and gimble being so low to the ground. Does anybody use the aftermarket landing gear extensions for the Air? If so, which brand do you use and do you like them? Also, have you noticed any diminished signal strength with them on?
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Very nice job. Have you weighed them? Have you noticed any effect on flight time?

These are not my design, just what I used. I don't have a small scale to weight them. I'd say that they are about as heavy as 2 AAA batteries. I've not noticed any flight differences. I've not used them a lot though.
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Hand launch and reduction in handling or flight time...and a few extra $$$ in your pocket.
Flew three flights today, used hand launch and land for all three...rough terrain, lots of point getting dust/dirt inside the drone or damaging the gimbal on rough terrain.
There are a few YouTube videos about hand landing the Air, basically just bring it down to head level, put your hand under it (flat palm facing up), then throttle down. It may bob up and down once or twice when the sensors see your hand as an obstacle...just keep holding the throttle down and it will land on your palm.
Happy Flying!!

Sorry i wasn’t paying full attention and thought you were still referring to the sprite landing gear

Please open the REAR then the FRONT...before you damage your Mavic Air.
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