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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (July 8, 2018)


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Oct 12, 2016
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Here's a list of last week's most popular Mavic Pilots topics:

Firmware & Software Discussion
Mavic Pro firmware 01.04.0400 (Jul. 4, 2018)
posted by @Keule

Photos and Videos
Flying 1000m / 3000ft above Shanghai with landing on building
posted by @Igor Zalomskij

Mavic Air
Is This a Mavic Air?
posted by @JDawg

Mavic Air
posted by @Norm62

Another "Mavic 2" leaked image
posted by @nil

Mavic Pro Discussions
Is it normal to be afraid?
posted by @LarryD

Mavic Air Help
Mavic Air Fly Away
posted by @Trickydicky

Mavic Air
Tips for Distance test?
posted by @Gmgfarrand

General Discussions
If you waited until July 18th to buy your 1st drone...
posted by @Romia

Mavic Air
Had a mild heart attack!
posted by @mad monkey

General Discussions
Flying over a beach. Okay or not?
posted by @Sharvul

Mavic Air
To Hot To Fly!
posted by @MattThorne87

Mavic Pro Discussions
Return To Home In Dark?
posted by @KyserPhoto

Mavic Air Help
Mavic Air Fly Away and Drop in River Help! SOS!
posted by @vanessallj

Mavic Air
Just about to buy a Mavic Air..Some questions that i have.
posted by @plainman007

General Discussions
Don't Fly Near Clearview Credit Union w/Blue Roof
posted by @Chirp

Mavic Air Help
Yet another blurry Mavic Air thread
posted by @icarus23

General Discussions
What do do if you see a helicopter?
posted by @skan

Photos and Videos
One of the best drone pilots
posted by @Gray_seagull

DJI Pushes Back 18th Date To New Undisclosed Date
posted by @LuvMyTJ

Mavic Pro Discussions
Suddenly having Lag/video pixelation? Fixed!
posted by @Skiergd011013

Mavic Air
Correct color with D-Cinelike
posted by @kingofmyempire

General Discussions
Multiple drones ownership
posted by @macoman

General Discussions
Should I buy this ??? !!! Looks good... Need to act now...
posted by @Orville

General Discussions
Live PD anyone see it last night? Guy looking for his drone was shot in Fla !
posted by @AClineman