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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (June 30, 2018)


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Oct 12, 2016
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Here's a list of last week's most popular Mavic Pilots topics:

Woman Downs Neighbor’s Drone With Gravel, Ordered To Pay $600
posted by @Pipes101

Mavic Air Help
Mavic Air Fly Away -- and recovery.
posted by @Miksterr

General Discussions
who will for sure get the Evo
posted by @wytnyt

General Discussions
Be a big spender on your Mavic.
posted by @Thunderdrones

Mavic Pro Discussions
Suddenly having a problem while flying
posted by @Skiergd011013

Mavic Air
I killed my Mavic Air
posted by @Ray Hasan

Firmware & Software Discussion
posted by @mrreddog

General Discussions
Flight Anxiety
posted by @mdominic

Mavic Pro Discussions
New Mavic Pro Owner... Thoughts?
posted by @finalfan7asy

General Discussions
Tello on a cruise ship??
posted by @terradriller

Mavic Pro Discussions
Too Hot to Fly... :(
posted by @jaysrmc

Mavic Pro Help
Fluid leaking from behind right rear leg???
posted by @GavieboyDji

Mavic Air
Mavic Air and birds
posted by @mijac

Mavic Air
My drone wanted to land 200+ feet up.
posted by @psloan

Mavic Air
Official Mavic Air Sport Leaderboard!
posted by @Drone Master

Mavic Pro Help
Prop contacting body? :eek:
posted by @skiddyfisk

CrystalSky Monitors
CrystalSky Ultra Bright Monitord
posted by @j.r.r.

Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...
Dji Go 4 sucks, but this doesn't.
posted by @Seth P

Mavic Air
Mavic Air behavior on top of buildings or cliffs (and water)?
posted by @Q24H

Mavic Pro Platinum
MPP total power loss and crash from 88m (289 ft)
posted by @brbundy

Mavic Air
Mavic air wifi channel settings
posted by @daramwhat

General Discussions
Course Lock
posted by @psv

Mavic Air
Maiden Flight Advice?
posted by @Astom22

General Discussions
See the Bigger Picture. Could it be 5k?
posted by @51 Drones

Mavic Air
Mavic Air's controller antenna wont snap when folding?
posted by @got156