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Looking to buy 3D drone footage, any tips?


New Member
May 27, 2018

I'm looking to buy drone footage captured in:
- classic 3D (2 cameras side by side), for example 2 GoPro's.
- 180º 3D footage (2x180º cameras side by side) for example captured with the new Lucidcam LucidCam - The First True 3D VR180 Camera | $399 Shipping Now!

What would be the best place to look? Or which forums could you guys recommend to place an add? Shutterstock etc don't provide the kind of footage i'm looking for, so i'm guessing asking the drone pilots directly would be my best shot.

The footage needs to be fast paced, thrilling (close flybys, vertical drops, etc) and may be a varied mixture of inside (racing locations, ruins, garages...) and outside locations (riverbeds, cityscapes, forrest,...).

Minimal requirements 30FPS 2K resolution (each eye)
Every sequence or usable shot must be around 10 seconds or longer.
Looking for a total of 4 minutes worth of footage for each version.

Willing to pay 20$ for every second of usable footage that makes it into the final project.

If someone could point me in a correct direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,