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Lose wifi and cell connections


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Jul 15, 2018
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I just got my Mavic Pro, I also have the Mavic Air . I have flown both in the same area around where I live. The Air no problems setup, connections all quick and easy , then fly. With the Pro when I turn on Remote , then Quad and they are connected, display on remote says Ready to Fly, but as soon as I connect my iPhone and launch the app , I lose wifi and my Version cell connection . The wifi will come back connected sporadically , but not reliable enough to get map data ready for flying , and since the cell data is gone also I get disconnect and can't fly with app. Is the common or is there something I can do to just go out like I do with my Air, turn all on and wifi gets the map data and off I go .
I did look at other post to try to find my problem . I am new here and to the Mavic quads .