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Lost Connection for 8 loooooong seconds.... Something I did?

[email protected]

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May 2, 2018
Luckily the bird initiated RTH within LOS so no sweat really, but want to know what happened if pos.

Months ago I used to lose connection frequently from my phone/Go 4 app, but the RC remained connected so I could see critical info and bring her home.... Since an update it has not happened again.

But today was different from my previous disconnects, in that the RC itself read Disconnected and I had no crucial info displayed. Had the craft a little further, I would have panicked lol, but she was right indent of me, accusing to RTH alt, which was a relief...

I was going to go for a flight this evening but am a little concerned Incase the same happens, a little further away

air data flight log

Jul 2nd, 2018 10:15AM | General / Overview | Drone Flight Log from DJI GO app, version 4.2.16 on Android | Total Mileage: 13,421 ft | United Kingdom | Airdata UAV

Thank you