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Mavic 2 Pro + Fly More + Lume Cubes + Strobes


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Jul 11, 2019
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Central NH
DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Fly More Kit. Has only 9 flights (3 charge cycles on each battery) Set up for night ops and/or Search and Rescue with Lume Cubes and Strobes. Comes in RLSoco Custom Carry Case. Includes all accessories and original boxes and manuals as well as a tablet mount for the Controller and a set of Freewell ND and Polarizing Filters. Also includes a 4G GPS Tracker and Tile Pro for easy location in case of a fly-away. This is a professionally configured setup by a Part 107 Drone Pilot. Everything you need to safely fly day and night with FAA compliant Collision Avoidance. New out of box condition, never crashed, never any operational issues, latest firmware. Valued over $2400, selling for fair and firm price of $2100. Payment via PayPal and free ground shipping to lower 48.

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