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Mavic Pro 2 with Fly More Kit & Goggles


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Oct 11, 2019
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The Woodlands Texas
Selling my like new Mavic Pro 2 with fly-more kit, White DJI Goggles, and ND Filters. I am a full time professional photographer and purchased this from Best Buy a few months ago to use as a backup to my inspire 2 for my aerial photography. Don’t need as I don’t have time to fly currently. Never wrecked and no scratches. Lens new condition with no scratches.
Drone with 3 Batteries (small piece of tape on one from registration sticker and can remove before selling), Remote Control (still has plastic covering glass display area), 3 brand new packs of propellers never used, car charger never used, battery charger that will charge 4 batteries, new case of ND Filters and 2 CP, Goggles worn maybe twice and has HDMI cable, gimbal guard, Fly-More Bag, 32gb card. Asking $1500 ( I paid around $2300 for everything) will be happy to send flight record 1DA2A6D9-0CFD-4071-A87F-5E028214D679.jpeg 977AA0BD-04B5-4027-942A-BFBEAA68CF36.jpeg