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Misty morning on the Cowlitz River


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Aug 31, 2018
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Winter fog flows along the chill waters of the mighty Cowlitz River, cloaking the small rural town of Toledo, Washington in a veil of mist. Lakes and ponds glisten in the light of an early January morning.

I'd wanted to fly at this location for awhile now - the water filled gravel pit is a fascinating patchework of lakes and scrubby woodland, and quite beautiful from the air. If you look closely you can see a waterfall falling into the river from the edge of town - I only spotted it while editing! There's also a herd of cows that I entirely missed both while filming and editing, and which I only noticed after rewatching the video after uploading it!

I've also put together a small photo gallery on my blog: Illuminations from the attic: Misty Morning on the Cowlitz River
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