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S 9 plus

Cheech Wizard

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Dec 26, 2017
Madison, CT
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A couple months ago there was a DJI update and an Android update. I had a GS 7 edge. So everything was just a little weird. I was due to update my phone and got a GS 9 Plus. I LOVE this phone ,but the Map in lower left corner is not there... any suggestions? Only live feed or radar shows.

I did fly my MP Pro today and the video and control was great. One thing though... where are the short cables that connect from the remote to phone. I can use the charging cable for the remote in the bottom USB port. I want a "Short Cable" for a gs 9 plus. Seems like a GS9 phone has a different size port for the remote, and it's reversed!

Just looking for the correct short cable.
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