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[SOLD] Crystalsky Ultra and accessories

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Jan 15, 2018
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Up for sale today is my Crystalsky Ultra Brightness Monitor. This is a great unit for outdoor use. The screen is viewable outdoors no matter how bright it is outside. I love it, but I just don't think I use it quite enough to justify keeping it. As many of you know, the crystalsky doesn't come with a charger. I am including one that is compatible so you will be good to go the day you get it. This unit has previously been sent back in for warranty repair for a backlight that went out. They repaired it good as new. It still has around five months of the one year warranty left.

Items Included and the new price
Crystalsky Ultra Bright 2000 nit monitor(includes 2 batteries and charging hub) 999.00
Polar Pro Mavic Mount 49.99
DJI Mavic Mount 79.00
Polar Pro Crystalsky cover 34.00
Smatree 120w charger 33.99


I am willing to let all this go for $950. Paypal only. Continental United States only.
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