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Strange Gimbal Behavior after replacement


Well-Known Member
Feb 15, 2017
Had to replace the gimbal after a pilot-induced crash. No obvious issue noticed during the replacement. New gimbal seems to work OK but with two new personalities:
-- on initial startup, the gimbal clanks against something midway through the startup exercise but does not get bound up on anything. Reports motor overload and failure to start the gimbal, suggests checking that the gimbal lock is removed, and enters an auto restart of the gimbal. The restart has much simpler/smoother exercise and starts successfully. This is repeatable. After successful restart, it works fine, but it won't start up successfully from power up.
-- when calibrating the gimbal, sometimes it will get to about 68% and go into a fit, dancing all around, and the calibration fails. Other times the calibration will go to 100% completion smoothly. No idea why the different results with different tries.
Overall, it's working, but with a new personality. I'm flying it, but I don't feel confident that the camera system is rock solid if I get in a pinch and have to rely on it. If anyone has suggestions, I appreciate your input. Thanks..... R