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The Healing Wall (U.S.)


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Jul 14, 2018
Matamoras Pennsylvania, USA
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Today The Healing Wall, a wall that commemorates soldiers lost in Vietnam, stopped in our town to pick up a volunteer motorcycle escort on its way to Newburgh NY from Weymouth MA
It was really cool. There were motorcycle cops as part the procession.

I was able to be home today to see it.

You will see a helipad in the video. This is our local volunteer fire department. There was no one there and I tried to call four times but there was no machine to pick up. I figured I made my reasonable attempt to contact them. My Wife even called once from her phone.

As far as the video, I need to figure the fade in and out feature.

Suggestions are welcome! Please keep in mind this is only my second video so please go easy! ;)

EDIT: If you right click it you will get an option to go full screen.
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