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Using Prop Guards

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Dec 20, 2016
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Duluth, Georgia
I suggest new pilots, and also any pilots experimenting with intelligent flight modes, use prop guards and gimbal bubble while experimenting with these modes. These modes will control your drone while you are doing something else, and add to your enjoyment and freedom. They can also crash your drone. The modes are pretty good at what they do, but they aren't very intelligent and in many cases wont protect your drone from crashing while they are enabled.

If the drone is in one of these modes and it is flying sideways or backwards (MP), you have no obstacle avoidance and the drone might hit something. Even if the drone is flying forwards, and encounters a power line or tree limb, it will hit it. By using prop guards and gimbal bubble, you can avoid most accidents, and/or lessen the damage to your drone if something does happen. $15 for OEM DJI prop guards, and the bubble comes free with drone. It's better than having to send it to me, or file an insurance claim, dont you think? Nobody likes Mayhem.

BTW, I use State Farm, not Allstate.

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